Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Small Draw Knife

I found an old jointer knife laying around the shop and had an AH HA moment. "That would
make a good draw knife blade"

It worked so great I made a champer guide for it.

Back view.
For an update on the miniature Wilton vises go

Screw heads are .2 inches engraved HT letter height is .062


John Emery said...

Hi Paul,

First of all WOW! you produce some absolutely amazing parts! I am extremely impressed! I recently started working at commemoritve brands and we have some NEO CNC's and I'm having an issue with one of them. I was told that your are the US NEO Tech. However it appears the contact info I have is incorrect. Is there an easy way to email/call you?



Paul Hamler said...

e mail me