Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quick and dirty Spring Winder

Making small springs for miniature Colt

 The winder was fabricated using some scrap 80/20 parts in the scrap bin and a 5C spin fixture.Using a tail stock type support for the extra small mandrels will enable me to turn those extra small compression springs for the miniature Colt 1911.
The split Boxwood and brass thumb screw provides a safe and clean way to adjust tension on the piano wire as it is being rolled around the mandrel


 Above picture shows a rectangle mandrel installed for forming the rectangle magazine spring.

The spring above was "Stressed Relieved" before removing spring from the Mandrel.
This prevents the spring from being distorted when removed.To see what a non stress releived rectangle spring looks like and more pictures of the spring winder go.HERE 
The spring winder photos are at the end.