Saturday, August 10, 2013

A few Pantograph projects

The vise body  below is a cull, I am using it for practice.Letters are .062 high, .012 thick, the reverse negative mold is Metpor , it will withstand 350 degrees and machines better than Butterboard. The letters are made from  GRS fixture material , I could use Cerro metal as well. Once heated and pressed into the mold they can be removed and trimmed with scissors or trimmed with a sharp chisel flush before removing. The vise body is then pocketed using outline geometry for each inlay and fastened with sticky wax before priming the edges. The cull vise body has not been sanded and detailed yet, it will need a few more coats of primer for blending to the contour of vise body.
Skinning this wabbit" was a bigger challenge than doing the vise parts with the pantograph.

I offered to machine a friends 4 inch vise kit if he bought me one. He came out OK as the casting Kits were a little more involved than I had planned.
The overall length of the Wilton bullet vise kits is 4 inches. I decided to make a 1/2 scale of the kit with a few modifications. My castings will have the original Wilton logo and will have the female key way cast into the body eliminating a tedious broaching operation for the movable jaw. 

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