Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Winners and Losers

There are times when some tools sell better than others. Here are two tools see if you can pick the winner and the loser.


Ninjaonscooter said...

hi, i just found your site in search of old planes. I´m a cabinet maker student in denmark and are allways in search of new "old" tools. I make some of the most beautiful planes and scrapers i have seen. But as a student in denmark it is hard to get the money for all the really good tools (there arent really any stores in denmark that sells really good tools), i just wanted to tell you that the work you do is really beautiful and if you sell any of your work i would really like to hear more about prices .
Bettina Rasmussen, Denmark

Ninjaonscooter said...

there should say you instead of i ,sorry

Christopher said...

Hey Old Man!!

What the Hell!!!!

How you and Momma doin???